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OneUp Components Chainguide BASH GUIDE V2 Kettenführung vergrössern


OneUp Components Chainguide BASH GUIDE V2 ISCG 05 Kettenführung

  • für einfach Kettenblätter

  • für ISCG 05 Standard (Aufnahmevorrichtung am Rahmen)

  • kompatibel für 28 bis 36 Zähne

  • Gewicht: 90-110 gramm

  • einfache Installation ohne Demontage der Kurbel

  • Boost und Oval Kettenblätter kompatibel

  • Lieferung inkl. 3 Top Guide Teile und 3 versch. Grössen der Grundplatten (28-30Z, 32-34Z, 36Z)

  • rostfreie Schrauben


  • Tool less upper guide flip

  • Install without removing your crank

  • Single tool install and adjustment

  • Boost compatible

  • Oval Compatible

  • Black Stainless Steel hardware 

  • Includes 3 bash plates (28-30T, 32-34T, 36T)

  • Patented US 10,053,188 Other Patents Pending

  • SPECS   

    Weight: 90g 28-30T, 105g 32-34T, 110g 36T
    Capacity: 28-36T 

    Chainline: 7.5mm adjustment 

    Mount: ISCG05 

    Color: Black top guide piece included

    Material: 7075 aluminum, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic
    OneUp Components

    1C0612-20 OneUp Components Chainguide BASH GUIDE V2 ISCG 05 Kettenführung

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    Eliminate dropped chains forever with the new OneUp Components Bash Guide

    As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, chainring protection is becoming even more important. Revised for 2019 the OneUp Bash Guide uses simple, one tool installation and adjustment as well as an all new tool less flip

    The OneUp Bash Guide was developed with input from top EWS World racers and can be seen all over this years circuit. Reinforced Nylon bash guards and a back plate cut from 8mm thick 7075-T6 aluminum, ensure that the OneUp Bash Guide can handle the biggest hits, but at a weight of only 105g (34T) you may forget it’s even there.


    Not just for enduro racers.

    The OneUp Bash Guide is equally at home on your trail bike, where the extra bash protection is a must for aggressive riders or on your DH rig.  With the popularity of clutch derailleurs, it is no longer necessary to run a chain guide with a lower roller to effectively tension your chain. DH racers and Bike Park rippers will appreciate the huge reduction in drag with the elimination of the lower roller, without sacrificing any strength or chain retention.

    The OneUp Bash Guide includes 3 different sizes of bash plate for compatibility with chainrings from 28-36T.


    1. Remove top guide and set slider in the highest position
    2. Hold backplate directly against ISCG05 tabs. Check for clearance between the back side of the bashplate/guide and the bike frame (use included 2.5mm spacers if necessary to space the backplate away from the frame).
    3. Rotate backplate until slider adjustment bolt is directly above the crank axle and torque bolts to 5Nm
    4. With crankset and chain installed, use spacer shim block to measure clearance between back plate and chain
    5. Determine the corresponding number of chainline shims required
    6. If more than 5 shims are required, install the supplied 2.5mm washers behind the backplate and return to step 2
    7. Assemble top guide with spacers and tighten bolt to 3Nm
    8. Insert a 4mm hex through the hole in the inner top guide, loosen height adjustment bolt and lower the tool onto the chain.  Torque to 3Nm to set height.



    1. Remove Bash Guide from bike
    2. Remove bolt retaining clip from rear bash plate bolt by pushing a 4mm hex through the bolt from the backside of the guide.
    3. Remove Bash bolts using a 5mm hex
    4. Select desired bash plate and reinstall bash bolts to 6Nm
    5. Reinstall bolt retaining clip on the rear bash plate bolt
    6. Reinstall Bash Guide onto bike 

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    Art.-Nr. 1C0612-g-20
    Marke OneUp Components
    Einsatzzweck Downhill, Freeride, Enduro, Trail/AM, Dirt
    Produktgruppe Kettenführung
    Modelljahr 2020
    Geschlecht Nein
    Kleidungstyp Nein